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Why Use A Realtor Like Jason T. Ellis Of Myrtle Beach?

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February 17, 2014 6:47 am|JTE News

Jason T. Ellis is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Myrtle Beach, SC. He specializes in single-family homes, condominiums, oceanfront real estate, commercial and NET Lease real estate.

The training and expertise that Realtor Jason T. Ellis has will give you a distinct advantage in your next Myrtle Beach Real Estate Transaction. He can negotiate a better deal for home buyers and top price for home sellers.

REALTOR Jason T. Ellis has a reputation as a top-notch negotiator and communicator. Having negotiated over 300 short sales during the aftermath of the real estate bubble, Jason has fine-tuned his negotiating skills and they will be at your disposal. In fact, during the real estate crisis fellow REALTORs sought out Jason’s ability to negotiate short sales on behalf of their clients. In todays “lawsuit happy society”, a real estate transaction presents many obstacles and pitfalls. Your Myrtle Beach REALTOR, Jason T. Ellis is here to guide you through them.

But why use a Realtor instead of a “For Sale by Owner” type of outfit? Surely one could save a few thousand dollars by going that route. But if you had a tax question would you not contact a CPA? If you had a legal question would you not contact a lawyer? If you had a medical question would you not consult a doctor? So, why would you approach your families’ home financial well-being any differently? You wouldn’t and that’s why hiring a qualified realtor like Jason Ellis is the smart move.

Odds are a real estate purchase or the sale of real estate would be one of, if not, the largest financial transactions in which you are involved. From the start to finish of a Myrtle Beach or Grand Strand real estate transaction there are myriad hurdles, procedures, inspections, time lines, legal issues, and other difficulties.

As a member of the National and Local Board of REALTORS Jason T. Ellis has access to countless resources that are not afforded to the general public. Many times there may be real estate that is for sale or sold that is not publicly advertised. This can keep you from finding your dream home or selling your real estate below its true market value. The Myrtle Beach real estate market is very diverse; you need a REALTOR that can navigate his way to the best deal for you.

As a REALTOR Jason T. Ellis will market your Myrtle Beach real estate or Grand Strand property in the Multiple Listing System, as well as an opt-in database that exceeds 20,000 users. Furthermore, Jason T. Ellis has comprehensive, cutting edge, high-traffic real estate websites that allow your property to be marketed all over the Internet.

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