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Market Update ~ Plantation Lakes Myrtle Beach

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May 29, 2014 9:12 am|Market Reports

Do you owe real estate in Plantation Lakes?  With a low  resale inventory, now is a great time to sell!

The real estate market in our community is on the move in a positive direction. There are currently thirty-four (34) new homes in some stage of construction. Resale homes, and homesites are selling at a fast pace. With this flurry of activity, I thought I would take the time to provide you with this update.

Myrtle Beach, especially Plantation Lakes, is once again experiencing the sights and sounds of new home construction. New homes, as well as non-distressed resale homes, have been down over the past few years. However, as foreclosures and short sales are no longer driving our market, values are on the rise. If you are thinking of selling or just wondering how your home value “stacks up” against the most recent sales, contact me for a free “Real Estate Check-Up”.

To view the market report click on the image below or you can download (6.8 MB) a combined pdf.

Plantation Lakes Myrtle Beach

Jason T. Ellis